Supercharge Your Life & Get Back To Your HEALTHIEST, Most ENERGETIC & ALIVE Self Naturally Within Just A Few Days & Without Taking Any Medication, Tablets Or Listening To The Mainstream Advice.
I'll be sharing the same little know ancient secrets for FREE that I use to change lives all over the world including my celebrity clients
Brought To you by The Internationally Acclaimed Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing coach, Skip Archimedes  
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International Plaza
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What You Are Going To Learn:
  • How you can look and feel younger
  • ​How you can have an amazing body, inside and outside
  • ​How to live longer without pains, aches and illnesses
  • How to increase your mental focus
  • ​How to maintain energy
  • ​How to lose weight permanently, without starving yourself
Who Is This Event For?
Those looking for Passion and Purpose • Entrepreneurs • Health Conscious • Working Professionals • Business Owners • Speakers • Thought Leaders • Real Estate Professionals • Coaches • Heart Centered People •  Consultants • Experts • Sales & Marketing Professionals • Those That Wants More In Life!
You're feeling tired, stressed and you're not really sure why! We'll show you why and fix it for life
You work long hours, pressed for time and under pressure! You need to be at your best health wise so you can perform at your best
   Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
Burning both ends of the candles? Early mornings late nights? Its imperative your health stays at its best to get you performing at your highest level. There's no point making heaps of money if you're not alive enough to enjoy it
   And YOU!
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Endorsed By Clients All Over The World
"My Energy Is SOARING... My High Blood Pressure Has Normalized!"
"I used to be on medication for High Blood Pressure and was close to being diagnosed with Diabetes. After attending Skip's event my blood pressure normalized and my doctor even told me to get off the medication immediately!"

Eddie Chen
"Having lived with eczema my entire life, I was totally amazed that my eczema disappeared"
"... In 5 days after Skip's retreat! I also lost a lot of weight I'd gained over the years. I'm so glad I attended Supercharge Your Life as it was the first step in my journey of self-healing."

Samantha Walker
"Skip has helped me regain the energy I had in my youth..."
"I'm now in my 70s and i feel at least 30 years younger. I have lost weight and feel fitter and happier that I have in a long time. I can now live out my retirement in a body that will keep me going for another 30 years"

Janette Skipper
"I was in a dark place, I went from being broke, overweight, divorce papers were nearly signed..."
"I couldn't get any work to buying a $4million house that's paid for. I couldn't get slimmer, happier and healthier. After Skip's help, my wife and I are back together and back in love. I can't thank skip enough."

Tamer Hassan, TV & Movie Star (Game Of Thrones, Snatch)
Introducing The Miracle Man!
Skip overcame childhood obesity to become a Gymnastics Champion. Then during a training session he experienced a living nightmare; he broke his back!

Doctors and Specialists said he would never walk again!

Unwilling to accept the answer Skip went on a mission to find a cure. With intensive research within just 6 months, Skip began to learn how to walk again. Within only 18 months he returned to full fitness to win a GOLD MEDAL in the English Sports Acrobatics Championship in the UK.

Later Skip had a completely snapped Achilles tendon and was told by surgeons that after 9 months he would only have up to 70% strength and flexibility. But by using the principles he discovered, he recovered full strength and flexibility in just over 3 months and was back-flipping the length of the stage at The Royal Albert Hall in front of sell out crowds.

Skip now dedicates his life to help people overcome health issues and share the long forgotten ancient secrets that enabled him to triumph over his early disasters and now allow him to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life.

Skip's life is dedicated to sharing his message about the benefits of a life with optimum health, energy and vitality.

Skip was awarded the Brand Personality Award by BrandLaureate for his vast experiences in helping and transforming lives!
Meet the Transformational Coach That Will Supercharging Your Life...

 Skip has worked with...
Richard Branson
Skip has coached Richard Branson, British business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist.
 Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
English composer and impresario of musical theatre.

Tony Robins
American author, philanthropist, and life coach. 
And Has Been Featured In...
London Business Magazine
rtn Magazine
So, What Can You Expect To Get Out Of This Workshop?
 A proven system that will increase your HEALTH, ENERGY and VITALITY within just a few days..  take control of your life, business and career at higher levels

+ How to remove this #1 modern killer which is the major cause of over 60% of all human illness and disease… Master 3 life-saving strategies to fight this killer and possibly prolong your life!

+ How to regain the energy you had as a child so you can leave behind aches, pains and challenges and live every day with an abundance of energy and well-being

+ The truth about where your energy comes from – 99.9% of people don’t know this. When you know the answer and learn how to harness your energy, your life can change instantly

+ Debunking the top 3 lies, myths and misconceptions of mainstream health and nutrition

+ The time-tested formula that you can use to eradicate many of those ailments that have held you back in life

+ Easily develop an amazing body inside and out. This will raise your self-esteem and confidence and attract more opportunities

+ The number #1 thing most people don’t realize about life’s challenges – knowing this one thing is pivotal for unlocking your true energy and power

+ The SHOCKING truth: What pharmaceutical companies are hiding from you and don’t want you to know.

+ Paying for most high street supplements, is like paying for expensive pee… They don’t work and offer little or no nutritional value. Stop wasting your money and find out what you can do to put these essentials into your body daily
Meet Your Lifestyle Coach
I’ve made it my business to help people to live their lives in the best way possible.

It’s my mission to bring back energy, positivity, achievement, health and vitality into the lives of those who have lost that focus along the way. Drawing on my own experiences and research over 20 years, I’ve discovered that we should all be living healthy, vibrant, fulfilled lives up to and beyond the age of 100 and improving all the way.

All the information and insights I’ve gathered from other experts and my experiences over the years is distilled in my live events, online programs and books, and I now travel the world sharing my good fortune and my teachings as an International Speaker and Coach.

I invite you to join me live or online in learning how to live in a strong, radiant body, and take your life to the highest possible level.

Live strong, live healthy and live long!

I've been lucky enough to spend time in the company of some of the greatest healers of our time and as I listened to them, certain similarities in their beliefs started to filter through.

No drugs and no surgery and yet people get better. What was going on here? Why didn’t everyone know about this stuff?

And not only were people healing diseases by methods outside of normal medicine, but they were advocating those same methods for the prevention of illness – with phenomenal success. I discovered that this was being done with the use of basic scientific knowledge.

There were no ‘miracle cures‛, just good natural management of the body’s systems – giving the body the conditions and nutrition it needs to heal itself combined with a directed mind.

And there was something else.

All these people looked and acted younger than their actual age. This was exciting! I also wanted to stay looking and feeling younger.

I had suffered since childhood from all manner of ailments such as asthma, eczema, and many allergies. In my teens I caught every bug doing the rounds even though I was very fit through swimming and gymnastics training.

I decided to try some of the healing methods on myself and I am now completely free from all of them. I started waking up each morning wanting to get on with life and living it to the maximum and I still do.

I started telling people I met about these revelations and, surprise surprise, they told me about ailments they had.

Could I do anything for them? I would listen to their stories and pick out the areas in their lives where they were deficient and give them the solution.

People began telling me ‘you should write a book‛. So I did and also wrote 5 TV shows that have just been signed by NBC Universal on a global scale.
International Plaza
#10 Anson Road
MRT: Tanjong Pagar
City: Singapore
Date & Time
Half Day Event: Thursday August 22 1pm-4pm
Full Day Event: Saturday August 24 10am-5pm

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